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Cox’s Honey 12 oz Clover Honey Squeeze Bear

Cox’s Honey 12 honey bear has always been a welcome sight at the kitchen table. All ages love the sight of honey bears filled with the sweetness of honey.
Raw, Unfiltered, 100% Pure Clover Honey
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Coxs Delicious Honey Cox Clover Squeeze

Cox’s Honey 16 oz Pure Clover Honey, Raw and Unfiltered. Perfect for that kitchen table.
  • Honey, Clover
  • Delicious clover honey. Raw, unfiltered. US Grade A White. Nature’s Finest Sweet: This honey is a liquid gathered by the bees from the nectar of flowers and comes to you pure as nature made it, retaining all the delicate vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make pure honey a great food as well as the beat source of quick energy known. Our bees makes this honey mostly from clover bloom, grown in or near Southeastern Idaho where quality and flavor are supreme. Product of USA.
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