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Beets, bunch


Bunch Beets

Noted for their deep ruby hue, Beets taste like sweet spinach. To retain color, flavor and nutrients, cook Beets whole. Peel off the skin once beets have cooled. Serve in salad or reheat as a side dish.

Ideal Temperature: 33 F. Beets are subject to wilting because of rapid water loss and should be kept in sufficiently high humidity.

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Organic Beets, 16oz


Organic Beets have been trimmed and bagged to make them more convenient to store and use. There is only one ingredient in this 16 oz. bag and that is beautiful red beets straight from the farm. Organic red beets have a deep purple color and firm skin. Red beets have a sugary flavor and dense texture, and acts as a good source of fiber and vitamin C, making this sweet, timeless treat both delicious and nutritious. There are many ways to enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits that they offer

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Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms, 16 oz


Experience the fresh taste of our Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms. Baby bella mushrooms look similar in size and shape to white mushrooms, but they’re hardier and provide a deeper earthy taste. They’re the same portabella mushrooms you’ve enjoyed before, they’ve just been harvested a few days earlier before becoming those large caps you’ve seen in vegetarian and vegan cuisines. This means they have that same firm, meaty texture you love about portabella caps, just in a tasty bite-size form. Pre-cleaned and pre-sliced, their hearty, full-bodied taste makes them an excellent addition to beef, wild game, and vegetable dishes. Plus, mushrooms are a natural source of the antioxidant selenium, making them an excellent addition to your diet. For a natural ingredient that will bring a marvelous taste and texture to your meal, be sure to try out our Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms.

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