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FryAway Deep Fry Cooking Oil Solidifier, Easy and Safe Oil Disposal, 2 Packets (Large)


✨ MESS-FREE COOKING OIL DISPOSAL —- Cleaning up after frying doesn’t have to be messy. Solidify up to 8 cups of leftover oil in 3 easy steps so you can easily toss away your cooking oil straight into the trash. No more messy spills, containers of oil or costly drain pours. ✨ EASY TO USE —- Easy to follow instructions to solidify used cooking oil. Just sprinkle FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier powder into hot oil, cool down and toss away the hardened oil into the trash. ✨ ALL NATURAL —- Made from 100% plant-derived fats, safe to use and better for the environment. ✨ 2 USES —- (2) pre-measured packets in each package, just open and sprinkle. Each pack solidifies up to 8 cups of used oil. ✨ MADE IN THE USA —- Proudly manufactured and sold in the USA

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